Visitors can relax in a large, comfortable, two-storey lounge, situated in the main building near to the Case Morello 'Campagna' guest houses. It can be used as a meeting place, as a TV and reading hall (in the context of the Cultural Center, which contains a charming multilingual library), for events, or simply for relaxing in a comfortable armchair while admiring the beautiful surrounding countryside.

The lounge is furnished and fitted to please even the most demanding guests.

Lunches, private dinners, wedding receptions, parties as well as exhibitions, lectures and seminars can be organized. After an exhibition of Japanese ukiyo-e prints (2013) and another of South Americans painters (2014) an exhibition of Sicilian artists will be exposed in September 2015.

One of the halls, called ‘the Museum’, contains tools and equipment which were used in the olden days in local agriculture. There you can spend an interesting afternoon among objects and memories of traditional Sicilian culture.

If you tell us your wishes, we can organize the best way to meet your requirements:

• cell-phone: +39 339 6616881 / 327 6250299
• e-mail: info@lecasemorello.com








"Case Morello" Rural Tourism - Address: Contrada S. Onofrio, Trabia (PA) Italia
Cell Phone: +39 339 4112733 - Email: morellocase@gmail.com

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